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Not my fault if you die from all the yaoi!!!


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Hello, hi... sup. yo... Yo~ *squinty eyes*
Stolen from ZimXDib
This was hard to do, why did I do it?

Pick your top 10 ships without reading the questions:
(In completely random order)

1.  Yullen (KandaxAllen from D.Gray-man)
2.  Shizaya (ShizuoxIzaya from Durarara!!)
3.  Hannigram (HannibalxWill from NBC's Hannibal)
4.  Wincest (DeanxSammy from Supernatural)
5.  Johnlock (SherlockxJohn from BBC's Sherlock)
6.  Spamano (SpainxRomano from Hetalia)
7.  TsumexToboe (TsumexToboe from Wolf's Rain)
8.  DallyxJohnny-cake (DallasxJohnny from The Outsiders)
9.  TohruxNatsuno (TohruxNatsuno from Shiki)
10.  Merthur (ArthurxMerlin from BBC's Merlin)


1. Do you remember the first chapter you started shipping #6?
Spamano (I totally almost kicked that out of the list for DioxZero) OK, yeah I remember I guess, when I used to watch Hetalia I guess I was really into Gerita (Still am) but then I'd see Spamano as a side pairing and it escilated and now it's better than Gerita to me! XD

2. Have you ever read a fanfiction on #2?
SHIZAYA?! Heck yes!

3. Has a picture of #4 been your screen saver or icon for anything?
Hannigram- Yes, it's my current background on my laptop.

4. If #7 were to break up today, what would your reaction be?
TsumexToboe- I'd cry because *SPOILER, they kinda technically "broke up" already when they DIED.  *sobs*

5. Why is #1 so important?
Yullen- My first ever slash ship.  Before that I didn't even know guys could be gay!

6. Is #9 a funny ship or a serious ship?
TohruxNatsume- SERIOUS, dang, that anime is too intense for any crack shipping i.m.h.o. and.... HOW can you have a "funny" ship, I take all my ships very seriously...

7. Out of all your ships listed which one has the most chemistry?
Ship number five- Johnlock -because it's all over the place.

8. Out of all your ships, which one has the strongest bond?
Ship number four- Wincest -because Dean and Sam are literally brothers and have spend their whole lives together, only ever apart when Sam was in school, they are soul mates.

9. How many times have you read/watched #10's fandom?
Merthur- oh my gosh... I haven't even finished the show ONCE yet, it's such a painful show I cry on the inside whenever I think about it...

10. Which of these ships have lasted the longest?
Not sure what the questions means:
If it means how long they have been together- Wincest
How long I have known of the ship- Yullen
Which Ship I think has the longest love- DallasxJohnny

11. How many times, if ever, has #6 broken up?
Spamano- I'm sure they'd break up all the time because Romano is too tsundere.

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would make it? #2 or #8?
Logically- 2, Shizaya, they are both good with weapons and physical activity.
But 8, DallasxJohnny, seem like they would be able to scavenge and scrape by really well in a survival situation.

13. Did #7 have to hide their relationship for any reason?
TsumexToboe- Not really...?  I don't think the others would mind them.

14. Is #4 still together?
Wincest- Always... if you say otherwise I'll cut you!

15. Is #10 canon?
Merthur- Everyone knows it is.

16. If all 10 ships were put in the hunger games arena, which would win?
Well... Tsume and Toboe practically already live in the hunger games -food issues and stuff- but in the REAL hunger games... I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Hannigram.... they are the Murder Husbando pair- they are already killers. :D

17. Has anyone tried to sabotage #5's ship?
Johnlock- *grumbles* Kill yourself, Mary!  You too, Baby-Waston!  (That's right, I'm a baby killer!  I hate children with a fiery passion)

18. Which ship would you fight for until the end and beyond?
Merthur, I suppose, but I'd fight for most of them to the end and beyond.

19. Do you spend hours looking at #3's fanart/reading fanfics?
Hannigram- HA!  Yes!

20: If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you that you had to pick one of the ten ships to break up forever or else she'd break them all up forever, which ship would you sink?
Honestly... Spamano... but only because I don't read/look at andfics/art for them anymore........... And I'm not really in the fandom anymore... but breaking them up sucks balls.

Well, that was horrible.
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